Over the years many of us have lost communication with some of our old friends. It has also become more difficult to contact alumni for class reunions. This registration is being offered for the benefit of those who would like to be contacted in case these events are being planned.

When you submit your information, it is sent to me, via Email. It is then entered in an address file for each class year. In the future, when your class is planning a reunion or event, the planning committee will contact me for this information for the sole purpose of sending out invitations.

None of this information will be made available to the public. However, your current email address may be listed on the Registered Westwood Alumni page at your request. If you wish that your email address be made public to other Westwood Alumni, be sure to enter (Yes) in the last block of the form.

The registration list is not automatically updated when you submit this form. Please be patient as it may take up to 7 days for the registration list to be updated.

"PLEASE" make sure you check your spelling and use capital letters where there should be capital letters before you submit your form.

Thank You
Benny F. Goodman
Class of 1967

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