Westwood High School

" 64 Class Reunion " 2009

The Class of 64 held their 45th Class Reunion at Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center , 11200 E. Goodman Rd , Olive Branch , MS 38654 on June 27th and 28th, 2009.

Photos conteributed by Ray and Judy McLarty * Click on photo to enlarge

(Coaches) Chism and Winburne Meg and Joe Escue Don and Pat (Eldred) Scallion
Janie (Rowe) Burkhardt and Husband Buddy and Abbie Person, Carolan (Sell) O'Neill Coach Winburne, Butch Matlock, Bobby Knight
Gail Staubs and Ray McLarty Charlie Carter Janie Rowe and Bobby Knight
David and Pat (Coalston) Barnett Pat (Eldred) Scallion Judy Wolfe, Bud Goodwin, Gail Gilmore, Al Roser
Pat Coop Carlton Towels Walter and Laura Dunn
Meg Escue, Sherrye Towels, Judt Wolfe, Bud Goodwin, Gail Gilmore Joe and Meg Escue, Sherrye Towels, Charlie Carter  ?, ?, Pat (Coalston) and David Barnett, Bobby Knight, Sam Eldred
Pat Coop Meg and Joe Escue, Mary (Griffin) Eldred Mr and Mrs Chism, Bill Shepard
Bobby Knight Sam Eldred Alan Dunn, Ray McLarty, Walter Dunn
Sam and Mary (Griffin) Eldred, Joe and Meg Escue Ray McLarty, Charlie Carter Alan Dunn and Wife
Mr. and Mrs. Chism Mr. and Mrs. Chism, Raye and Judy McLarty Don and Pat Scallion
Sam and Mary Eldred Ray McLarty and Homer Stephenson Winbernes, Chism
Diane Carter, Sherrye Towels Pat Eldred and Rheba (Scallion) Lott David Barnett
Carlton Towels Chism, Winburne Billy and Nancy Cardin
Bill Shepard and guest, Pat Coalston Jimmy Dickey, Ray McLarty Jerry and Lisa Reece, Marvin Neely
Bobby Knight, Jimmy Dickey Mrs. Chism Leilani (Dickey) Kinggard, Bobby Knight
David and Pat Barnett, Mary Eldred Joe and Meg Escue, Pat and Don Scallion, Carlton Towels Mary  Hula Hoop :)  (Griffin) Eldred
Meg Escue, David Barnett Meg Escue, David Barnett Glenn Castle, Mary Eldred, David Barnett