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* LindaGail Brewer Kennedy *
* Walter Durdin *

October 12, 2018

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"68 Yearbook Reunion Cake"

Memorial Table

Pam Fields * LindaGail Brewer

Danny Payne

Genie Emerson * David Brown * Linda Hatcher

Mike Hatcher * Steve & Paula Gillespie

Johnny and Lillian Porter Skaggs

Class Of 1971

Daniel & Vicky Paterson Shaw * Rose Hester

Faculty by Walter Durdin

Mr. & Mrs. Madden
Dale Lusk, Carol Maynard
{Right} Kelly Brawner. Benny Goodman

by Walter Durdin

Benny Goodman, Sherry Lovelady, David Brown

by Walter Durdin

Benny Goodman

by Walter Durdin

Class Of 1968

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