2017 Reunion Photos by
Judy Cox

October 28, 2017

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Charles Brown * Becky Lane
Charlotte Smith * Patti Johansen
Judy Cox * Buddy Person

John and Becky Lane Smith

Charles Carter * Judy Cox

Charlotte Smith * Mike Coleman
Rachel Logan

Mike Platt, Wally Deberry, Mike Patrick,
Jeff Coker, Benny Armstrong,
Earl Sell, Judy Cox, Buddy Person

Earl Sell * Judy Cox

Ron and Judy Cox Roberts

Mike Coleman * Judy Cox
Ray McLarty

Mike Platt

Becky Lane * Judy Cox

Becky Lane * Earl Sell
Judy Cox

Becky Lane * Susan Baker
Judy Cox

Judy Cox * Buddy Person
Abbie Person * Pam Person

Jeff Coker * Judy Cox

Becky Lane * Judy Cox
Benny Goodman

Former Westernettes