Olive Garden
Nov 21, 2005

Those who attended were:
Luther and Barbara Burrus, Gary and Nancy Fachman, Mike and Delores Provow
Larry Sutherland and Wife, Paul and Mary Hess, Cheryl Haynes, Jerry Haynes
Connie Shaw, Gail Gilmore, Bud Goodwin , Lenard Waxler, Benny Goodman


Cheryl, Delores, Mike, Jerry Jerry Haynes Gail Cheryl Delores Mike Cheryl Delores Mike Mr. Burrus Benny Jerry
Cheryl, Delores,
Mike, Jerry


Gail, Cheryl
Delores, Mike

Cheryl, Delores, Mike
Luther, Benny, Jerry

Jerry Bud Mike Connie Benny Burrus Connie Cheryl Benny Barbara and Luther Burrus Jerry Gail Bud Delores Mike Cheryl Benny Barbara & Luther Burrus Gary & Nancy Fachman
Jerry, Bud, Mike
Connie, Benny, Luther

Connie, Cheryl, Benny
Barbara, Luther

Jerry, Gail, Bud, Delores
Mike, Cheryl, Benny, Burres'

Gary, Nancy

Jerry Gail Bud Delores Benny Mike Nancy Connie Cheryl Paul Hess - Larry Sutherland and wife Lenard - Jerry - Gail
Jerry, Gail
Bud, Delores

Mike, Nancy
Connie, Cheryl

Paul, Larry, Wife

Lenard, Jerry, Gail

Gary - Nancy - Lenard Bud * Delores Connie * Benny * Barbara * Luther * Jerry Lenard Waxler
Gary, Nancy, Lenard

Bud, Delores

Jerry, Benny
Barbara, Luther


 Paul * Larry * Wife * Bud Mary Hess * Gary * Mike Delores * Nancy * Connie Delores * Nancy * Connie
Bud, Paul,
Larry & Wife

Mary, Gary, Mike

Nancy, Connie

Delores, Nancy, Connie

 Mike * Delores Barbara & Luther Burrus Benny
Mike, Delores

Barbara * Luther Burrus


Cheryl, Jerry
Benny, Lenard