Olive Garden
Nov 22, 2004

Those who attended were:
Gary and Nancy Fagans Fachman, Mike and Delores Cowan Provow
Ron and Linda Dunn Stacks, Mrs Dunn, Al and Barbara Fagans Roser
Philip and Sherry Lovelady Curtsinger, Mr and Mrs Burrus, Bud Goodwin
Rachel Logan Thompson and Darrell, Jerry Haynes, Cheryl Haynes Bilton
Gail Gilmore Handwerker, Gail Staubs Cozart, Connie Shaw, Benny Goodman
Photos by Cheryl Haynes.


Burrus, Logan,
Clements, Goodwin

Fachman, Roser

Gilmore, Haynes

Benny Goodman,
Barbara Burrus

Jerry Haynes

Mike Provow

Delores Cowan

Provow, Cowan
Gilmore, Goodman

Ron Stacks

Linda Dunn
Nancy Fagans

Stacks, Dunn
Fagans, Mrs Dunn

Luther Burrus
Rachel Logan

Rachel Logan

Stacks, Dunn

Gail Staubs

Sherry Lovelady
Benny Goodman

Phillip Curtsinger

Darrell and Rachel

Gail Staubs
Sherry Lovelady

Cheryl Haynes,
Sherry Lovelady

Al and Barbara

Connie Shaw

Goodwin, Cowan

Connie Shaw
Nancy Fagans